The mountains are said to put their signature on the wines of Valtellina and, not surprisingly, the Nebbiolo from this valley is a wine of rocks and mountain.
For this reason, it is unique, special, elegant, contemporary, but at the same time, beyond and out of time. In Valtellina, vineyards hang from the mountains, suspended on spectacular terraces made of dry-stone walls.

They are set in the woods, capable of capturing and storing the heat of the sun. A sort of Mediterranean scrub in the heart of the Alps, where cacti, agaves and olive trees are grown.

It is such biodiversity typical of Valtellina that transmits a “Valtellina style” to the grapes and wines, a style projected into the future, designed with the values ​​of sustainability, respectful of nature and the environment.

However, good ideas have a future only if they have a story to tell, if they are able to interpret people’s values, desires and aspirations. Since 1925, the Aldo Rainoldi Winery has been all this, a dynamic relationship with the past that has allowed us to always wonder at the future.

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