Thanks to the experience gained over the decades, we work daily with the aim of producing quality wines while protecting the environment that hosts our vineyards and our employees.

Here are our company’s commitments:

  1. Our care for plants is based on the concept of integrated production in order to reduce the use of insecticides and to implement a more natural cultivation.
  2. We use insecticides exclusively for the mandatory fight against Grapevine Flavescence Dorée. Participation in the experimental project of sexual confusion of the leafhopper is one of the steps taken in order to carry on a sustainable production activity.
  3. We have totally eliminated weeding in our vineyards: the grass is cut and left on the ground as a return of organic matter.
  4. The vine branches (pruning wood) are chopped where possible or collected and used to produce biomass energy.
  5. The use of irrigation, as specified in the production regulations, is exclusively for emergency purposes”.
  6. In dry pruning we use the “Simonit & Sirch” method which allows a considerable reduction in the cutting surfaces, guaranteeing the continuity of the lymphatic flows. The final result is twofold: reduced vigour and better vegetative-productive balance of the vines.
  7. We harvest by hand after carrying out field checks aimed at establishing the optimal harvest time for each batch.
  8. We have introduced the control of phytosanitary defence strategies on the grapes conferred through treatment records and inspections by our agronomist at each vineyard.
  9. We use cartons made from recycled and untreated paper. Moreover, we have reduced the weight of glass bottles in order to lower the amount of CO2 emitted during transport.
  10. We use clean hydroelectric energy produced in Valtellina by A2A.
Adotta un vigneto in Valtellina
Rainoldi Vini Valtellina Vendemmia

Adopt a vineyard​

“A wine can’t exist without a vineyard and a vineyard without a land. “Adopt a vineyard in Valtellina” is a love story with the land, with the wisdom coming from the earth, in the respect of agriculture labour and tradition. Not only is our wine good to drink but it’s also food for thought; it was born out of the respect towards the environment, it is rich in personality and supports an agriculture more and more respectful of the environment.”

The project “Adopt a vineyard in Valtellina” stems from the desire of private individuals united by the common ambition to make a concrete gesture of environmental and socio-economic awareness and sensitivity towards the potentialities of Valtellina territory. This initiative aims at reinforcing the link between the productive-agricultural context and the hotel and tourist sector, with a positive impact on the consumer in terms of image and requalification of the supply chain.

In particular, the project of a symbolic “adoption” of a vineyard relies on the cooperative and constructive spirit of a local entrepreneur tightly connected to the region, from the tourist and hospitality point of view. These winemakers will be in charge of actively protecting and enhancing the cultivation of a small vineyard and of promoting the project by selling its wine. They will commit to giving consistency to their job by working on their vineyard, confident that their grapes will certainly be commercialized, overcoming in such way the commercial insecurity and precariousness. The producer-wine maker is the bridge between these two figures, providing his/her consultancy and oenology knowledge in order to develop the final product.

As we can see “Adopt a vineyard in Valtellina” is a positive and tangible example of chain supply and networking showing how tourism, land safeguard and the promotion of local products can coexist and at the same time they may strengthen each other.

In addition, this project shows a long-term goal: a concrete plan to target contemporary issues and enhance development and innovation, for the benefit of the territory and the whole viniculture community. Among the main goals of this initiative we can find:

– strengthening and promoting mountain agriculture;
– preserving highly worthy wine production;
– safeguarding local knowledge and techniques belonging to the so significant “immaterial heritage” for Valtellina.

This project has been made possible by the kind collaboration of Abele Branchi, Alessio Magi, Piali Emanuela, Giuseppe Bonseri, Paolo Camozzi, Giacomo Mojoli, Mario Saligari and Marco Rocca.

Cancro Primo Aiuto

Cancro Primo Aiuto

Aldo Rainoldi Wine House has been supporting “Cancro Primo Aiuto” charity organization for years, since we share its values and solidarity projects.

This charity is a non-profit organization that only pursues solidarity causes related to social and socio-sanitary assistance, mainly offered to cancer patients and their families. These include prevention, treatment, psychological, medical and home support in the Lombardy region.

Their services (consist of) include completely free consultation, all round support from doctors, paramedics, volunteers and specialists, particularly those involved in the Technical Scientific Committee, either carrying out their job in the name of the or on behalf of the charity or within accredited hospital facilities (public or private).

You too can support the projects of Cancro Primo Aiuto. Visit the website www.cpaonlus.it

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