Other expressions of Valtellina

Not only Sfursat and Valtellina Superiore: the area today offers a range of truly interesting possibilities. As Alpi Retiche Igt Nebbiolo and Rosso di Valtellina Doc well demonstrate, this extraordinary viticulture also gives young red wines boasting the salient characteristics of freshness, fruit and drinkability. Immediacy and softness distinguish Crespino, made from Nebbiolo grapes and a small percentage of Merlot. In the field of white wines, we are fascinated by the constancy of Sauvignon Blanc: a guarantee in terms of sensorial profile and attitude to aging. A ready-to-drink white wine like Zapel completes our offer.


Alpi Retiche Igt

First year of production 1995
Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca) 90%, Merlot 10%
Municipalities of Teglio and Ponte in Valtellina
South, 500 - 600 m a.s.l.
60 q.li/ha
In small oak barrels for about 18 months. Pre-bottling assembly in steel tanks for about 3 months. The aging in the bottle takes place in dark and cool cellars for about 9 months before marketing.
Wine produced only in the best vintages. Intense ruby red colour. Ethereal, balsamic scent, with hints of wet earth. The tannins are powerful, but well harmonized. In the mouth it is full, dense and persistent.
Red meat, game and aged cheese.
16 - 18 ° C in capable glasses that enhance its aromatic profile​​
0,75 L
1,5 L


Alpi Retiche Igt

First year of production 2006
Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca)
Municipalities of Tresivio and Ponte in Valtellina, belonging to the "Rosso di Valtellina Doc" area.
South, 300 - 650 m a.s.l.
95 q.li/ha
Aging in steel for at least 8 months. Aging in bottle for 2 months before marketing.
Ruby red colour. Scent rich in floral notes and fresh undergrowth fruit. In the mouth it is harmonious, fragrant, easy to drink. Light structured wine, particularly versatile in pairings.
Appetizers, first courses, white meat, young cheese, vegetables.
15 - 16°C
0,375 L
0,75 L
1,5 L


Alpi Retiche Igt Sauvignon Blanc

First year of production 1983
100% Sauvignon Blanc
Municipality of Ponte in Valtellina
South, 430 - 530 m a.s.l.
90 q.li/ha
Only in steel for five months. The subsequent refinement in the bottle allows to reveal its great evolutionary potential
Straw yellow colour with greenish reflections. Varietal scent, typical expression of the grape. Hints of mint, pink grapefruit, mango and pineapple. In the mouth it is fresh, complex and persistent. Good longevity wine.
First courses, white meat, young cheese, fish, crustaceans, mussels.
0,75 L


First year of production '60
Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc in different percentages depending on the vintage.
Municipality of Ponte in Valtellina
South, 430 - 530 m a.s.l.
90 q.li/ha
Only in steel for five months.
Greenish yellow colour. Particularly fine, fruity, citrus scent. Dry on the palate, fresh, pleasant and versatile. Light-structured wine.
Appetizers, pasta dishes based on pasta, fish and crustaceans
0,75 L
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